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Epoxy 2000 Stone Adhesive


Epoxy 2000 Stone Adhesive

Architecture & Interiors - Building & Construction Materials

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  • Stone Adhesive - Epoxy Mastic Epox2000: Bellinzoni: The Bellinzoni Company, founded in the far 1937, has been always managed by the same familiar group. Starting from the first product, the “Special Preparation for Polishing”, still in commerce, nowadays are available more than 50 articles in the price list, together with other special articles for the cleaning, polishing and protection of marbles, granites, stones, terracotta, ceramic, grés, metal and plastic. Who we are? Truworth provide top class surface treatment products to your projects. We’re the authorized Indian Partner of Bellinzoni Italy. Two pack epoxy mastic, suitable to glue, joint, fill and reinforce various types of granite marble and stones. Product with a higher adhesive power, its performance makes it useful to fill or rectify also big imperfections on works that otherwise would be considered waste. Weather-proof and with a very high resistance to solvent, alkali and acid, is the best filler-paste for marbles and granites. Types available: liquid (transparent) and tixo (transparent, straw-yellow and white). Some Features of the product: Reduced tendency to yellowing. Transparent Clear. Extremely low shrinkage. Weatherproof gluing. Excellent resistance to alkalis, therefore suitable for bonding with concrete. Suitable for bonding material impermeable to gas, because product is free of solvents. Excellent resin layering elements to create “sandwich” elements. Suitable for bonding solvent sensitive materials - VOC content: 0. Some sugesstions to get best results: Avoid to use the mastic at temperature below 10°C (50°F) because drying process could not be complete. Epoxy resins are sensible to humidity because could change reaction times, it is advised not to apply the product in situation of high humidity. Never catalyze the total quantity of the mastic at one time in order to avoid “mass effect” because the mastic will dry quickly. It can be used for multiple surfaces such as marble, granite agglomerati, Marble resin, Terrazzo and Calcareous Stones etc.


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